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SharePoint Multi Edit Feature  v.1.0.1

Multi Edit Feature provides possibility to update multiple items or multiple documents properties simultaneously.

Perfect PDF Premium  v.7.3.0

The everything-in-one software for PDF and XPS: create, convert, edit, design and annotate. Perfect PDF 7 is strong program for all PDF-related tasks. Not only can you convert different documents into PDF files, you can change properties,


PDF ShapingUp  v.

PDF ShapingUp incorporates all the features necessary for handle, process and edit your PDF files in a user-friendly,

SQL EasyDoc  v.1.6

Document your SQL databases easily and automatically with SQL EasyDoc. SQL Documentation can be done in DocX, HTML, PDF, CHM and fully customized and white labeled - exactly fitting your needs.

Toolbox6.7  v.7.0

Microvellum Toolbox 7 empowers users to engineer intelligent products that can easily be manipulated to take on an unlimited number of configuration possibilities.

Defaults Manager  v.1.0b8

Defaults Manager is the premier editor for the User Defaults database on Mac OS X.

Edit Properties Ant Task  v.1.0

Ant task to edit properties file.

OpenOffice Calc Edit Properties Software  v.7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to change the properties of one or more Calc ODS files. Calc 2000 or higher required.

OpenOffice Writer Edit Properties Software  v.7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to change properties of multiple OpenOffice Writer documents. Editable fields are title, subject, keywords and comments. Simply queue files individually, by folder, or by drag and drop.

Excel Edit Properties Software  v.7.0

Change title, subject, author, manager, company category, keywords and comments in one or more MS Excel files. Excel 2000 or higher required.

PDF Properties Changer  v.1 1

PDF Properties Changer by Debenu lets you quickly add, edit or remove properties from PDF files effortlessly. Simply right-click on a PDF and select 'PDF Properties Changer > Edit PDF Properties' to begin editing.

File Property Edit Pro  v.

With just several clicks, you can easily change the files' attributes, including 'modify time', 'read-only', 'hidden', 'system', 'create time' , 'last access time', and modify their properties, like document summary properties, photo's EXIF propertie

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